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Kingdom of Stromgarde

A United Crimson Kingdom“Since the founding of our glorious empire, the path to valor has always been drenched with the blood of heroes.”- Thoras Trollbane

Honorem Stromgarde

The Kingdom of Stromgarde <KoS> is a community of roleplayers who engage with the northern nation of Stromgarde and the greater Arathi Highlands. The guild was founded over ten years ago and is considered and recognized as the primary Moon-Guard Alliance Stromic guild.As the player voice of King Danath Trollbane's people, we focus on engaging storytelling, political and noble roleplaying, exciting combat events, and more. From the House of Nobles to the First Circle, we have many organizations that you can join to further your character's story.Still trying to figure out where to start? We have you covered with weekly tavern nights and pop-up roleplaying events. Check out the information below to get a good start on learning about our community!

Duchies & Locations

Learn more about the Arathi Highlands, its duchies, counties, and essential locations throughout the Kingdom of Stromgarde. Information also about land claims inside!


The Kingdom of Stromgarde guild strives to represent the Moon Guard (US) roleplayers united under King Danath Trollbane. Learn about the different organizations of the <KoS> Community, including the First Circle, Crimson Hand, government, and more!


Learn more about the in-character and out-of-character leadership of the Kingdom of Stromgarde community. The High Command, Officers, and Assistant Officers strive to ensure a fair, fun experience for all who wish to call Arathi home.


The Principate and various branches form the government, forming the Chancery of Stromgarde, under King Danath Trollbane. Find out more here, including the Nobility and Envoy Registration info!

The Stromgarde Military

The Kingdom of Stromgarde is protected by brave men and women who will ensure that King Trollbane's control over the Highlands is absolute. Learn more about the different branches of the Stromic military here.

Roleplaying Guidelines

Our guidelines ensure a friendly, positive roleplaying experience within the Kingdom of Stromgarde. This page is required reading for all potential recruits and new members.

From the first human kingdom to the aftermath of the Fourth War - catch up on the history of the guild and the Arathi Highlands.


In-Character Race
The Kingdom of Stromgarde is primarily a Human, Dwarven, Dark Iron, High Elf, Void Elf, Gnome, and Worgen nation.
Due to guild lore, at this time, we will not be accepting Night Elves, Pandaren, Draenei (Lightforged & Man'ari included), fully mechanical Gnomes, Dracthyr, Undead, Half-Orcs, Half-Trolls, Gnolls, or Ogres. An IC High Elf but utilizing the Dracthyr visage model will be considered.In-Character Class
Most classes are welcome to apply, though we do have heavy restrictions on void and fel.
Recruitment for death knights, evokers, and demon hunters is closed. Active Scarlet Hand characters are also restricted from joining, and reformed Scarlet Hand players are accepted.Note: Exceptional roleplayers with detailed stories on ties to Stromgarde may be considered regardless of class. We reserve the right to decline any membership to the Kingdom of Stromgarde.How to Apply
The Kingdom of Stromgrade currently recruits characters in-game only at this time. You can often find us within the Cathedral area of Stormwind, or if you see a member, please ask them for information. Any <KoS> member will guide you to an in-game recruiter.

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Organizations of the Kingdom of Stromgarde

Here you will get to know the active organizations you may interact with through your journey in the north!

First Circle

Leader: Grand Arcanist Velendri SunlanceWhile some prefer to wield the steadiness of a blade, the defenses of the aegis, or the gentle curve of the bow, others among us prefer a more complex and enchanting form of study. Those who study and practice the arcanic arts find a place within the ranks of the First Circle.“Ours is the profound duty, knowledge, and gift of the arcane; to never hoard, but to regulate and to manage, to appreciate and delight in.”

Crimson Hand

Leader: Highlord Alexios Qinelis IV
Lord Commander, Sir Damian Martin
Seneschal, Sir Galleron Martellus
Archbishop of Stromgarde, Koah Johnson
The Crimson Hand is a sect of the Silver Hand and is the Holy Light's order of warriors and clergy within the Kingdom of Stromgarde. After the Fourth War, King Danath Trollbane decreed that the restored kingdom would be a bastion for the Holy Light and thus, the Crimson Hand was born.

The Redcloaks

Leader: Commander [Redacted]
Captain Mavyre Embersun


Leader: Legate Baref LanderfelOnce power and order are established, their preservation becomes paramount. The Praetorians, founded for the singular purpose of safeguarding the Imperator and his regime, stand as unwavering guardians of Stromic order. This formidable legion not only shields against external threats but also quell dissension from within, ensuring an enduring foundation of safety and security. Above all, their unyielding commitment to loyalty defines the bedrock of our stable society.

First Circle of Mages

Once seen as a legendary gift of the high elves, magic has been taught in the Arathi Highlands for thousands of years. The First Circle upholds its duty to the crown by embodying the tenants of the Hundred Magi of Arathor to be masterful guardians of magic with responsibility and care. Today, the First Circle continues the tradition of the ancient magi by training pupils in the arts of magic, protecting and maintaining the magical secrets locked within the Tower of Arathor, and tenaciously keeping the magical order of the realm through the watchful eyes of the First Magus Council.

Grand Arcanist of the Highlands

The Grand Arcanist is a powerful spellcaster that represents the pinnacle of magical power as the leader of the First Circle. They are the head of the First Magus Council and are responsible for overseeing the following magical affairs of Stromgarde:The Grand Arcanist regulates and supervises the use of magic within the kingdom. The Grand Arcanist must ensure that the magi of the First Circle and the other magic users of Stromgarde follow the ethical and safety guidelines of the First Circle, and that they do not abuse or endanger themselves or others with their magic. The Grand Arcanist must also ensure that the magic users of Stromgarde respect the laws and customs of the kingdom.The Grand Arcanist oversees the operation and management of the kingdom’s mage towers, the structures that amplify and channel the arcane energy of the leylines. The Grand Arcanist must ensure that the mage towers are functioning properly and efficiently, and that they are not overloaded or damaged by the flow of magic. The Grand Arcanist must also ensure that the mage towers are staffed by qualified and trustworthy magi who can monitor and control the magic output and input of the towers.The Grand Arcanist must maintain accountability and transparency of the Council and the First Circle. The Archmage directly reports to the King’s Government and the public on the activities and achievements of the Council and the First Circle, as well as the challenges and risks that they face. While the Archmage may offer guidance on the magical affairs of the kingdom, the King’s Government has authority over the Grand Arcanist and the First Circle’s activities.The Grand Arcanist leads the First Circle during war in the deployment of spellcasters, magical wards, barriers, and countermeasures to protect the kingdom’s borders, cities, and people. The Grand Arcanist also coordinates with the King’s Government and Military in the case of war or invasion.

The First Magus Council

The First Magus Council was founded in the aftermath of the Fourth War as the Kingdom of Stromgarde recovered from the devastation of territorial war across the Arathi Highlands. As Stromgarde was restored, the First Magus Council was tasked to preserve the magical teachings of Arathor and maintain responsibility and care of the magical aspects of Arathi society. Spellcasters across the Arathi Highlands represent the Council and provides guidance to the Archmage, who acts as the head of the Council.The First Magus Council is limited to four Council members but may expand in the future depending on the needs and demands of the kingdom and the First Circle. The Council meets regularly to discuss and decide on matters of magic, such as research and development, education and training, defense and security, and cooperation and coordination with other magical groups across the Grand Alliance. The First Magus Council elects a new Grand Arcanist if they step down, are incapacitated, or have passed.The First Magus Council may assign Court Mages to the ducal leaders across the Arathi Highlands and the Crownlands of King Danath Trollbane. Court Mages provide magical advice, assistance, and protection to their respective regions and rulers. They also serve as liaisons between the Council and the Grand Arcanist. Court Mages are assigned to ducal leaders based on mutual agreement. If no agreement can be found, Court Mages may be assigned to the Crownlands.

Members of the First Circle

The First Circle primarily represents the spellcasters of Stromgarde with a heavy presence of mages. However, it is up to the discretion of the Grand Arcanist and the First Magus Council to allow other Lawful or Lawfully-regulated magic users into the fold of the First Circle.

Magics of the Kingdom

The First Circle is tasked with upholding conduct of the magical users of Stromgarde. Lawful magics are allowed for full practice within the kingdom. Lawfully-Regulated magics may be practiced under set conditions. Unclear and Unlawful magics are banned unless ratified by the First Magus Council and approved by the King’s Government.The following magical groups are approved under the King’s Government:Lawful
Arcane: Arcane magic is a cold and intellectual magic that warps time, space, and controls the flow of mana.
Abjuration: Abjuration is the study of protective magic and one of the most important schools for a young mage to study. The most generalized abjuration spell is the mana shield, a spell that transmutes raw mana into a barrier that protects the caster from attacks.
Transmutation: It is among the most popular and useful of all of the schools, allowing a mage to manipulate time and space. Perhaps the most iconic Transmutation spell is Polymorph, which allows a mage to turn something - or someone - into something else.
Enchantment: Enchantment is the process of imbuing an object - or person - with magical power. Some enchantments are temporary, while others can offer permanent benefits. Enchanting can be difficult to learn, but it is one of the most potentially lucrative forms of magic to study.
Conjuration: Conjuration is the study of summoning - both creatures and objects.
Divination: Divination is the school of magic dedicated to gathering information. Powerful divinations can allow the mage to see targets from a great distance, or even view what may normally be invisible. One of the most common uses of divination magic is scrying, which is the art of seeing something that may be far away - perhaps even on another plane of existence.
Illusion: Illusion is the art of deceiving reality itself. The mists of illusion can make a mage invisible or inaudible to the world or twist the image of a location into something entirely different. Illusion can be used for disguise or manipulation, but beware, spells to counteract illusions exist in the divination school. It is not viable to base your entire career on illusionary magic.

Shamanism: Shamanism is a deeply spiritual form of elemental magic that involves a connection with both the natural and spirit worlds.
Geomancy: A crude form of shamanism.
Runic: Runic magic is a magic that employs runes with legal magic.
Nature: The energies of Life, commonly known as nature magic, promote growth and renewal in all things.
Shadow Magics: The utilization of shadow for transportation or escape is sanctioned by law. Shadow magics included are those used by rogues for stealth abilities or escape. No other exceptions are allowed.
Warlock Magics: While they may be otherwise known as Fel-users, they are categorized separately with reason to strict guidelines. Practitioners of demonic magics are forbidden in public. However, warlock magics may practiced under strict supervision with the following guidelines:
No warlocks are allowed to openly walk the streets as warlocks.

Warlock magics must be kept to the shadows.
No demonic summonings are allowed.
No demonic magics may be used for espionage.
Draconic Magics: Magics that can only be wielded by draconic beings. These magics are deemed unclear given a lack of understanding and their powerful nature.
Technomancy: Techomancy or techno-sorcery appears to be a school of magic used by the ethereals. Uncertainty due a lack of understanding amongst the mortal races.
Voodoo: A dark and powerful form of magic, referred to as the "ancient power of the trolls". Expect immediate exile or death practicing in Stromgarde.
Fel: Fel magic is a destructive form of magic used by all members of the Burning Legion, and often by warlocks and demon hunters among the mortal races.
Void: A source of terrible power, it is the kind of power that comes at a price, as the very nature of the Void is hostile to what the mortals know as life and sanity, and will do whatever it takes to drive them to madness. Examples include shadow priests, witchcraft, and shadow
Blood: Blood magic is a form of tortured life magic that uses blood as a power source.
Domination: Domination is a brand of powerful runic Death magic whose sole purpose is the utter suppression of another being.
Necromancy: Necromancy is the study of magic involving the dead. It is highly illegal and should be avoided at all costs.
Chronomancy: Chronomancy is the art of weaving time.
Any misuse of any magical group against the Kingdom’s will be punished. The use of Unclear or Unlawful magics will be met with severe punishment if discovered. Included punishments could be exile, removal, or death. Any magic group that is not listed is assumed to be Unclear. Holy is not included as a magic group and is defined by the holy order of Stromgarde.


In response to the aftermath of civil strife and extremist uprisings, the Imperator instituted a centralized order of loyal guardians. This legion operates independently of the influence of the ducal houses, steadfastly preserving the hard-won order built with the sacrifices of Stromgarde heroes.Led by their commander the Legate Baref Landerfel. The Praetorians serve as guardians of the House of Nobles, the regime's military police, and soldiers on the frontlines.

About the Praetorians

Amidst the perpetual rivalries among the ducal houses and the deepening crises within the kingdom, a pivotal decision was made to establish a military order that'd serve as enforcers of Stromgarde's sovereign will, rising above the influence of feuding lords. In response to this imperative need, the Praetorians were meticulously founded. Serving as direct and unwavering servants to the King and his Imperator, their role extends beyond mere military duties, encompassing a crucial position as the centralized military task force of the King's Government responsible for maintaining order and stability.The nature of their work is inherently cautionary and sensitive, requiring a blend of strategic acumen and diplomatic finesse. The Praetorians operate on the front lines of both internal and external threats, ensuring the protection of the Imperator's interests and the preservation of the kingdom's unity.The recruitment process for the Praetorians is stringent, reflecting the gravity of their responsibilities. Prospective recruits are not only required to demonstrate a commendable level of military experience but are also held to a stringent standard of unwavering loyalty that transcends personal interests. This rigorous selection process ensures that only the most capable and devoted individuals become part of this elite order, contributing to the Praetorians' reputation as a bastion of loyalty, integrity, and devotion within the kingdom.The Praetorians strategically orchestrate their operations from the eminent seat of power, the capital of Stromgarde, which stands as their central command and headquarters. Within this formidable hub, their operational scope encompasses a triad of pivotal functions—security, wartime deployment, and military policing—manifesting a comprehensive and seamless approach to safeguarding the Imperator's interests and preserving the kingdom's stability.

Security of the House of Nobles

The House of Nobles serves as the paramount governing body of Stromgarde, bearing the weighty responsibility of administering the nation. Functioning as esteemed leaders, they execute the directives of our reigning king, both within the confines of the kingdom and on the international stage. Any assault upon the House of Nobles is tantamount to an affront against the fundamental structure of our realm. Given their pivotal role in shaping the governance and stability of Stromgarde, safeguarding these dignitaries becomes imperative to preserve the continued security and prosperity of Stromgarde.Consequently, the Praetorians have been entrusted with the solemn duty of ensuring the security of the House of Nobles. Their responsibilities extend to the accompaniment of dignitaries and ambassadors during their undertakings, as well as the safeguarding of assemblies convened by House officials. Under the unwavering shield of their protection, the order of Stromgarde not only endures but thrives.

Wartime Deployments

Stromgarde has been entrenched in a protracted state of conflict, drawing strength from a proud military heritage and a legion of valiant soldiers that have steadfastly weathered the trials of war. It is from within the disciplined ranks of the military the Praetorians selected. And from the cruel battlefield of their birth, they shall return.In times of significant crisis or strategic deployment opportunities, the Army sends forth the Praetorians, granting them the privilege of re-engaging in warfare. As stalwart guardians of the King's will, the Praetorians bear a profound duty that transcends beyond the protection of the throne; they serve as a formidable force, the sword tasked with dispatching belligerents of the kingdom. Their role is pivotal in maintaining the sovereignty and security of Stromgarde.

Military Police

Throughout history, the demise of nations has often been orchestrated not by external forces but rather by internal dissension. Fueled by corrupted ideologies and misguided zealotry, individuals disseminate treasonous acts within a nation like a plague. The gullible and naive populace becomes susceptible to their deceit, raising the flag of rebellion. These false prophets and their misguided followers constitute the authentic threat confronting the nation, a threat the Praetorian will not brook.Exercising unwavering vigilance over the nation, these valiant enforcers of order delve deep into the depths of our civilization. There, with resolute determination, they uproot the seeds of revolt with extreme prejudice. Every incipient spark of uprising is systematically extinguished, and each rebel is put to the sword. It is through the profound duty and sacrifice of the Praetorian that the citizens of Stromgarde can live within the confines of a safe and secure society.

Crimson Hand

Following the end of the Fourth War, King Danath Trollbane decreed that Stromgarde would forever be under the warmth of the Holy Light. The Crimson Hand was born from this decree as Stromic paladins of the Silver Hand formed a new holy sect with the clergy of the Church of Holy Light.The Crimson Hand is overseen by the Highlord Alexios Qinelis IV and split between peacekeeping (military) and humanitarian (clergy) efforts. Its mission is to protect the people, counteract evil forces, and guide the Kingdom to righteousness under the Holy Light.

Highlord of the Crimson Hand- Duke Alexios Qinelis IV

The Crimson Hand's seat of power spans both the traditional home in the Holy City of Estermont and the western Fortress City of Thallan.Here, the leadership of the Crimson Hand oversees the organization and receives requests from the State and the Order of the Silver Hand. The Highlord spends equal time between the Holy City of Estermont and the Fortress City of Thallan, the latter serves as his primary home and western headquarters for the Crimson Hand.The Highlord is the primary Crimson Hand voice and diplomat for the Light within the Kingdom.Highlord Qinelis knights new Hand members and finalizes any promotions or demotions within. He is the only one of authority to deploy the Crimson Hand overseas or outside of Stromic territory.Qinelis is also in charge of all finances of the Hand and lobbies the state as needed for support. He is also the main judicator in enforcing laws regarding the Light and the Undead.The Highlord is the final authority of the Crimson Hand and is responsible for ensuring that all members uphold the values and mission.

Peacekeeping (Military)

Lord Commander of the Crimson Hand - Sir Damian Martin
The Lord Commander is the Highlord's first-in-command (second-in-command of the Crimson Hand). The Lord Commander oversees all military matters of the Light and peacekeeping efforts within Stromgarde. He is the enforcer of the orders of the Highlord. The Lord Commander can deploy the Crimson Hand on peacekeeping efforts within the Kingdom and works hand-in-hand with the Archbishop. He provides to the Highlord status reports of the knights and regiments and any signs of radicalization of the Light within the Highlands.

Seneschal of the Crimson Hand - Sir Galleron Martellus
The Seneschal of the Crimson Hand is the counter-part to the Lord Commander in charge of deployment of the Crimson Hand across the Highlands to aid the people in times of need outside of military interventions. The Seneschal is also responsible for the finances of the Holy Order and works to lobby the state and church for funds. He has the authority to build new Crimson Hand fortifcations and infrastructure.

Knight First-Lieutenant - Oversees CH Regiment in CH Peacekeeping Deployments Only
Field commander for deployments of the Crimson Hand unless higher rank present by Hand or Stromic Legion
Provides reports of recommendations of services and needs for the higlands (humanitarian or requests for peacekeeping)
Provide reports of soldier well-being, highlighting areas of concern or praise to leadership.
Ensures the values of the Crimson Hand are upheld within their rank and file.
Must be a Stromic citizen with no other loyalties to other foreign nobility.
Knight Second-Lieutenant - Oversees CH Regiment in CH Peacekeeping Deployments Only
Field commander for deployments of the Crimson Hand unless higher rank present by Hand or Stromic Legion
Provides reports of recommendations of services and needs for their duchy assigned - Carthan, Whitestone, Estermont or Thallan (humanitarian or requests for peacekeeping)
Provide reports of soldier well-being, highlighting areas of concern or praise to leadership.
Ensures the values of the Crimson Hand are upheld within their rank and file.
Must be a Stromic citizen with no other loyalties to other foreign nobility.
Knight Sergeant-Major - Oversees CH Regiment in CH Peacekeeping Deployments Only
Field commander for deployments of the Crimson Hand unless higher rank present by Hand or Stromic Legion within Stromic territory only
In charge of select number of company of paladins and clergy within Highlands for peacekeeping duties
Provides reports of recommendations of services and needs for their company (humanitarian or requests for peacekeeping)
Provide reports of soldier well-being, highlighting areas of concern or praise to leadership.
Ensures the values of the Crimson Hand are upheld within their rank and file.
Knight Sergeant - Oversees CH Regiment in CH Peacekeeping Deployments Only
In charge of platoon of paladins and clergy within Highlands for peacekeeping duties within Stromic territory only
Provides reports of recommendations of services and needs for their company (humanitarian or requests for peacekeeping)
Provide reports of soldier well-being, highlighting areas of concern or praise to leadership.
Ensures the values of the Crimson Hand are upheld within their rank and file.
Knight (Knight Paladin, Knight Templar, Chaplin)
Soldiers and peacekeepers of the Light, and knighted by the Crimson Hand
Ensures the values of the Crimson Hand is upheld within themselves and of their squires
Each soldier will be permitted up to 1 squire
Vowed to the Crimson Hand and seek path to Knighthood
Ensures values of the Crimson Hand is upheld within themselves
In charge of daily needs to Knight


Archbishop of Stromgarde & Crimson Hand - Koah Johnson
The Archbishop is the Highlord's third-in-command (fourth-in-command of the Crimson Hand). The Archbishop seat of power is the Cathedral in Stromgarde City and the Holy City of Estermont, where he oversees the clergy. He can deploy the Crimson Hand on humanitarian efforts within the kingdom and works with the Lord Commander for military actions. Archbishop Koah Johnson ordains healers and peacekeepers of the Light into the Crimson Hand as needed. The Archbishop provides religious sermons and services during official gatherings of the Noble Court and State. He also assigns each Bishop and/or Priest/ess a house of Light and provides reports to the Highlord of the status of the faithful.

Clergy Ranks of the Crimson HandBishop
- Holy men and women, healers, and peacekeepers of the Light, ordained by the Church of the Holy Light by the Archbishop and vows to the Crimson Hand.
- Assigned a lordship - a duchy, group of duchies, or state
- Ensures the values of the Crimson Hand are upheld within themselves and their lordship
- Provides religious sermons/services of the Light to the people as needed within their duchy
- Oversees Priest/ess(es) under their lordships. Recommends promotions to Archbishop
- Reports humanitarian needs and status of their lordships to Archbishop
- Healers and peacekeepers of the Light, and ordained by the Church of the Light and vows to the Crimson Hand
- Ensures the values of the Crimson Hand are upheld within themselves and their congregations
- Provides religious sermons/services of the Light to the people as needed
- Provides confessional services as needed
- Provides support to military engagements as needed by healing or protecting (does not mean that they need to be just defensive)
- Each Priest/Priestess will be given a chapel or church in a county.

King Danath Trollbane (NPC)

King Danath Trollbane is the ruler of the Kingdom of Stromgarde in the lore that the community is built around.

King Danath Trollbane

Ruler of the Stromic CrownlandsDanath Trollbane is the King of Stromgarde and the head of the House of Trollbane, the royal family of the kingdom of Stromgarde. During the Second War, he served as a captain in the Stromgarde militia and later as tactical advisor and second-in-command to General Turalyon during the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Since the sealing of the Dark Portal, he has been the master of Honor Hold, the Expedition's headquarters in Hellfire Peninsula.With the death of Prince Galen Trollbane, the heir to the throne, Danath was considered by some to be the legitimate leader of Stromgarde, as the nephew of Thoras Trollbane, and awaited his return from Outland. Danath ultimately fulfilled this desire and became the leader of a newly rebuilt Stromgarde during the Fourth War before the Horde laid siege to the kingdom during the Battle for Stromgarde.With the end of the Fourth War, he carries on his family’s legacy and vision of a strong and united Stromgarde. He is a hero of the Alliance, a champion of Stromgarde, and a leader of men.

The Imperator

The Imperator is in charge of the well-being of the Kingdom of Stromgarde both in-character and out-of-character.

Mathilan Lionblood
Imperator of Stromgarde

Grand Duke of Carthan, Aegis of ArathorImperator Mathilan is the leader of the Stromic forces beneath King Danath Trollbane. Known for his loyalty and duty to the Kingdom of Stromgarde, he is a steady presence that maintains the realm's stability. He is a capable warrior when wielding his mighty crimson aegis, which leads to him being known as the “Aegis of Stromgarde” for his devotion to protecting the kingdom through the darkest days. He continues to build the realm through a unified nobility, strong military, and a prosperous civilian population centered around bringing back the glorious days of Arathor.OOC: Grand Duke Mathilan Lionblood (aka 'Math') serves as the guild's leader in charge of lore, community, officership, and membership. He is also the administrator and curator of Carthan and organizer of player-held locations of the Crownlands. In addition, he also organizes player events for the state, military and social aspects of the guild.

High Command

The High Command are in charge of assisting in the direction of the Kingdom of Stromgarde community in-character and out-of-character directly advise the Imperator. They are often individuals that are in high positions of leadership.The following are by alphabetical order by last name.

Baref Landerfel
Commander of the Praetorian

Legate of the Stromic LegionBaref Landerfel was the lowborn son of a deserter. He spent his growing years isolated in the middle of nowhere. Upon his father's death, he journeyed to Stormwind. There he was recruited by a Stromic envoy as a soldier of Stromgarde. From then on he carved his legacy out on the battlefield, climbing the ranks through his diligence in warfare. He earned the praise of the Imperator Mathilan Lionblood and pledged his undying loyalty to him. He now leads the Grand Duke's Elite Praetorian and commands the Red Legion with a reputation of loyalty, discipline, and merciless brutality.OOC: Baref Landerfel (aka Baref) is a military officer who runs military operations, and law enforcement events. He is also in charge of training the troops. He works closely with Mathilan as an advisor for military operations and classified projects.

Telirius Lionblood
High Marshal of Stromgarde

Duke of Whitestone, Lion of ArathorTelirius was the second-born son of Brutus Lionblood of Whitestone; he had four brothers and one sister. Early in his childhood, his father was killed in Lordaeron during the Third War, and Duke Rotheram saw to his upbringing. Telirius has served the Kingdom of Stromgarde faithfully and unwavering throughout its most turbulent times. Reigning as Duke of Carthan for a period of time till he was granted his father's former lands of Whitestone. Since his time as Duke of Whitestone, he has seen much to its rebuilding and turning it into the military force that it is. With the uncertain peace of recent years, he now seeks to aid in any way he can in restoring Stromgarde and the rest of the North.OOC: Duke Telirius Lionblood (aka 'Telirius') serves as the administrator and curator of Whitestone. He also maintains and updates information and lore of the Legion, Thandol's Span, and other aspects of the guild. In addition, Telirius brainstorms and provides in-game military events.

Marigold Lionblood
First Emissary of Stromgarde

Grand Duchess of Carthan, Nightingale of ArgenwoodMarigold Lionblood, the First Emissary of Stromgarde, is a remarkable figure known for her unyielding allegiance to Stromgarde and the revered Imperator Mathilan Lionblood. With her exceptional skills in diplomacy, Marigold has adeptly navigated the treacherous waters of politics and forged vital alliances for the kingdom. Behind her composed and diplomatic demeanor lies a hidden edge—a reputation whispered among those who know her true capabilities. Rumors hint at her uncanny ability to swiftly eliminate obstacles and gather crucial information, though her methods remain shrouded in mystery.OOC: Marigold Swire (aka 'Marigold') is the Commander of the Redcloaks in charge of the diplomatic affairs of the kingdom.

Kaendall Lotheron
Warden of Eastern Hillsbrad

The RookA son of Stromgarde and of Quel’thalas, the half elven fallen paladin firmly believes in his ways of the light. However when that faith became disrupted he sought to carry out his will through other ways, showing mercy to those that admit their mistakes, but refusing to give up in his duty to the Kingdom. As the Warden of Eastern Hillsbrad he will let nothing stop him protecting the kingdom's borders from whatever foe attempts to kill his people.OOC: Commander Kaendall Lotheron (aka 'Kaen') serves as an administrator and curator of the Red Cloaks and ensures that aspects of the organization fit within our lore and story.

Alexios Qinelis IV
Chapter Master of the Holy Light

Duke of Thallan, Highlord of the Crimson Hand, Bulwark of ThallanAlexios IV is the son of Alexios III and the eldest of three brothers. He grew up in the mountains of Stromgarde, bordering what was once Lordaeron, and picked up mannerisms from each. Alexios became a paladin of the Silver Hand and served in the Third War, and assisted the Highlands during the Fourth War. Since then, Duke Qinelis successfully petitioned the state to restore and recognize the status of Thallan and has worked tirelessly for its people. He now serves as Highlord of the Crimson Hand and the Chapter Master of the Holy Light.OOC: Duke Alexios Qinelis IV (aka 'Alexios or Alex') serves as the administrator and curator of Thallan. He also maintains and leads the Crimson Hand. In addition, Alexios is the guild's webmaster.

Gregory Rotheram
Grand Chancellor of Stromgarde

Duke of Estermont, Raven of EstermontDuke Rotheram is an esteemed leader in the Kingdom of Stromgarde known for his political aptitude and cunning as a state-builder, his military prowess as a cavalry commander of Stromgarde, and his mentorship and fatherly presence to the Lionblood children Mathilan and Telirius. He has demonstrated his abilities as one of the most prominent figures in Grand Duke Mathilan Lionblood’s court through his efforts to consolidate power beneath the Grand Duke and Carthan. Key feats include the reconstruction of Carthan after the civil war, the political ascension of Lionblood Manor within Grand Duchy politics, and his ongoing efforts to build political networks abroad. He continues his efforts today as an advisor to Mathilan and works on building the foundation for Stromgarde’s government body beneath King Danath Trollbane.OOC: Duke Gregory Rotheram (aka 'Slam') serves as Loremaster and administrator and curator of Estermont and state-held locations of the Crownlands.

Officers & Guild Writers

The Officers and Guild Writers provide in-character and out-of-character contributions, assist with day-to-day functions, and advice to the High Command. They are often (in-character) high-ranking officials within the Kingdom or its various organizations.

Mavyre Embersun
Captain of the Redcloaks

Mavyre Embersun, the Captain of the Redcloaks, embodies a chilling demeanor marked by cold and calculating precision. Her watchful eyes and acute ears miss nothing; Mavyre is a silent, ever-present observer, absorbing information when least expected. As a master of espionage, she navigates the intricate web of deceit with unparalleled finesse. In the realm of combat, she is a triple threat -- a master of archery and wielding daggers with lethal precision, and is a formidable force in close-quarter combat. Mavyre's multifaceted mastery makes her a force to be reckoned with.OOC: Mavyre Embersun (aka 'Mav') is an advisor to the officership. She primarily contributes ideas and brainstorms lore and stories, and hosts events.

Damian Martin
Lord Commander of the Crimson Hand

Ambitious. Devout. Two words to describe the young Lord Commander that is Damian Martin, a peasant born Stromic from the Crownlands, born to a town whose name has been lost to the war. The eldest Son of farmers, a veteran of the Fourth War of Azeroth. Damian prides himself on his devotion to the Light, and the Crimson Hand. Not one quick to anger, often with a friendly demeanor. He can often be seen around the Western Crimson Hand Headquarters of Thallan, or within the confines of his Bakery in the city. An adept at swordsmanship, an expert tactician and specialist in mounted Cavalry combat, Damian has allowed his fair share of experiences to influence the way he aids the Highlord in the day to day operations of the Crimson Hand, as well as their deployments abroad. Most notably, he defended and protected the Snowtop militant encampment against the Steel Legion and forces of Mageroyal.OOC: Damian Jasper Martin, is the second in command of the Crimson Hand, Guild Writer. Works closely with Officership to provide content for the guild as a whole. Writer of the Crimson Hand Squireship program, lore/world builder for the guild.

Velendri Sunlance
Grand Arcanist of the First Circle

Court Mage of ThallanIntuitive, resilient, studious, dependable. A gifted magi with an aptitude for the arcane, Velendri Sunlance grew up in the lands of eternal spring where she trained in one of Quel'Thalas' many magical academies. After the Scourge invasion with her people nearly scoured from Azeroth, Velendri set out with many of her kin under the banner of the Silver Covenant. It was here she developed the diplomatic and political knowledge thats been used to advise kingdoms across Azeroth. Within Stromgarde she works tirelessly as leader of the First Circle to uphold her elven legacy and build towards a more united northern kingdom.Velendri can often be found in the towers of the First Circle, weaving ley line energies, assisting in magical research, advising the Imperator and overseeing the training of many young and inspiring mages and spellbreakers. She ensures the First Circle is always prepared to answer Stromgarde's call.OOC: Velendri Sunlance leads the First Circle, guides and enforces Stromic magical law, is royal advisor to the Duchy of Thallan and magical advisor to the Imperator. She is a guild writer and works closely with Officership to develop content that helps move The Kingdom of Stromgarde forward

Duchies & Locations

The Kingdom of Stromgarde is united under one man - King Danath Trollbane. All duchies and locations ultimately serve the crown. The established duchies within our community often serve as roleplaying locations and play essential roles within the government structure. Within <Kingdom of Stromgarde> there are four duchies and the Crownlands.

Click the map for a high-resolution version!Important: Land Claim Information for New Players and Characters to <Kingdom of Stromgarde>
New players and characters are welcome to claim land ownership with titles of Count(ess) and below; however, before IC use, these claims must be vetted and discussed by the guild's leadership (IC and OOC) to ensure compliance with lore and established claims.
An application for Nobility Registration is coming soon. Reach out to Mathilan Lionblood for more information.Counties and below can only make international deals (between guilds) with a state trade agreement in place by the IC government (and Duchy or state approval). Counties and below under the 'state' ("Crownlands" that are not within a Duchy) are represented IC internationally by the Grand Duke.Please remember to adhere to guild lore that Stromgarde is in a state of rebuilding, and most resources will go towards this effort.If you are interested in a land claim inside an established duchy, please also work with the Duke/Duchess that oversees that area. Please note those who claim land titles must have a significant background in WoW lore and roleplaying experience and be active community members. We expect those who claim more power to be more involved in the storytelling and direction of the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

The Grand Duchy of Carthan

Grand Duke Mathilan Lionblood
Capital: Carthan
Important Cities: Harton, Eastwatch, The Dwarfgate
General Location: Southeastern Arathi Highlands
Exports: Fish, Exotic Goods, Raw Minerals

Duchy of Estermont

Duke Gregory Rotheram
Capital: Holy City of Estermont
Important Cities: Uldum Colony
General Location: Southeastern mountain chain of the Arathi Highlands
Exports: Precious Metals (Truesilver, Silver, Gold), Holy Goods, Exotic Goods

Duchy of Whitestone

Duke Telirius Lionblood
Capital: Whitestone
Important Cities: Fort Brutus, Stonewatch
Location: Southern Mountains of the Arathi Highlands
Exports: Stone (quarry), Marble, Horses, Weapons, Armor

Duchy of Thallan

Duke Alexios Qinelis IV
Capital: Thallan
Important Cities: Loudon, Integrum, Northbrook
Location: Southwestern Arathi Highlands
Exports: Metals (Iron, Copper), Limestone, Grain/Wheat/Crops

Crownland (State Property, Counties and Locations)

These are essential locations and counties not under any specific duchy but are directly under the Crown.

Crownlands: Stromgardian Counties & Important Locations

Here you will learn about the critical and strategic state-held locations and counties under the crown rather than a duchy. Counties in the Crownlands are represented internationally by the Grand Duke of Carthan and Grand Chancellor but internally act independently under the state. Baronies can be found on our discord!(WIP - more coming soon!)

County of Redmount

Countess Regent Lisin Holtby
Location: Western Arathi Highlands, North of main road to Thoradin's Wall - Kingdom of Stromgarde
Redmount was formed several years ago when the land and a title were granted to Devlin Holtby. Upon his missing and assumed dead, the county was given to his son Tobias Holtby. As Tobias is a child, the young Count's mother, Lisin Holtby, now dowager-countess, is Regent of Redmount on the young Count's behalf.Redmount is predominantly a farming community that has been slowly expanding. Its primary contribution to the Arathi area is large amounts of wheat and barley. The Countess-Regent employs several nature magic users to ensure the land's crops are tended year-round and allows for monthly harvests of rotating crops.

The Grand Duchy of Carthan

The Grand Duchy of Carthan (Old Arathi: Carathan) is a Duchy within the Kingdom of Stromgarde, under the rule of the House of Lionblood. The Grand Duchy consists of the Duchies of Carthan, Estermont, and Whitestone. Carthan was founded by Mathrohan I, “The Lion: who guided his legion to victory against a joint Murloc-Naga force at the Battle of the Rising Tide and was granted lordship of said lands upon his return to Stromgarde in KC 428. Carthan lies on the far side of the southeastern mountains, only accessible by sea and through the southern passes of Estermont Vale. The duchy boasts the major port city of Carthan, the central holy city of Harton, and the now antiquated but sturdy fortress at Eastwatch. Other settlements include the farming center of Gelden Village, the fishing village of Twainton, and the numerous outposts and ruined fortifications left over from the fraternal Civil War. Much of the holdings still bear ruinous markings from the War of Myriad Lions.


Seat of House Lionblood of Carthan
Location: Southeastern Coast
Carthan remains the pride and joy of House Lionblood, known as the “Red Diamond” of the Duchy of Carthan with its expansive architectural marvels such as the Great Aqueduct of Tasius splitting the city and ancient senatorial buildings clustered within the city’s heart that date back to the days of Arathor. The city is walled with the outskirts of the city renovated with the funds of Estermont and the stone of Whitestone after great disaster and civil war in recent years. Port Carthan is the capital of the Duchy of Carthan as an administrative and commercial center of power.


Countess Eliza Spyre
Location: Northern Carthan
The County of Northwood (often referred to just as the Rose Coast) is the northernmost county of the five counties in Carthan. It encompasses the northern coastline of the duchy. Its dark woods and rocky interior landscape make travel by land difficult, but the currents along this region of the coast are swift and clear of razor reefs or jagged rocks. The capital of Rosemore was founded as a military and magical outpost. The Arch of Arolen forms the city's western border, and a 50-foot-high limestone wall continues around the southern and western landward sides. Also known as Port Indomitable and the City of Brass, Rosemore has survived dozens of wars and remains a major trade center and military outpost in the newly rebuilt Stromgarde under the authority of the Grand Duke Mathilan Lionblood and their new Countess, Eliza Spyre.

The Ember Coast & Ring of Fire

Lord Edathar Hawkcrest
Lord Romulo Hawkcrest
Location: Off the southeast coast of Carthan
The Ember Coast and the Ring of Fire Islands are an archipelago and island nations off the southeastern Coast of the Arathi Highlands. The Ember Coast received its name because of its sparkling seashore that has rich mineral deposits that glimmer in the rising and setting when observed from the sea. The Ring of Fire Islands is just northeast of the Ember Coast and are often dubbed the same land mass though they are vastly different. Lord Romulo oversees the general affairs of Ember Coast at Crystal Cove Keep overlooking a minor city below. At the same time, Lord Edathar Hawkcrest resides in the Ring of Fire Islands and has been given special command of the Ember Coast's military might. Both the Ember Coast and the Ring of Fire Islands peoples are vassals of House Lionblood, known for their loyalty, ingenuity, jewel crafting, and deep mining.Mount Thunderfire is the largest volcano on the southernmost island in the Ring of Fire Islands. Thunderstone Keep is where Lord Edathar resides, overlooking the farming village of Sootstone Steppes to the west and the fishing village Ashbrine just to the south of the Steppes. Much like the Ember Coast, the Ring of Fire Islands' peoples are well known for their jewel crafting, diving deep in the heart of the Ring, the Cindershimmer Depths, an active volcano well below the sea's surface, and a mining deposit. Below the waves lie the riches that help the Ring of Fire Islands and the Ember Coast claim their wealth.The westernmost island is the Sootvine Wilds, a jungle area housing many splinter-faction Witherbark Trolls. At the Sootvine Wilds's northernmost portion lies another active volcano called the Molten Falls. It is the most dangerous of the four active volcanos in the Ring of Fire Islands, constantly pushing the trolls east and across to the villages of Ashbrine and the Sootstone Steppes.Finally, on the northeastern island is Ashen Peak, a volcano that spews dense smoke from its fiery depths within. It is a sight to behold seen from the Ember Coast in Crystal Cove Keep. There is also an abandoned mine on the island's western tip that was once called Fire Rock Mine. This has been abandoned, and the locals say never to go near the island or the mine itself, for grave danger would befall such a foolhardy traveler.

Lionblood Manor

Controlled by House Lionblood
Location: Outside of the Northwestern Gates of Port Carthan
The Lionblood Manor was originally just a great hall built for the Lionblood Clan and their supporters, mainly veterans of several engagements against trolls in the far southeast. It was renovated by Brutus' son Matrogan to include training facilities, stables, and barracks to host a personal retinue of heavy cavalry and legionnaires. It was further renovated by Koramus 'The Righteous', castellan of Duke Mathrohan III, to include multiple wells, an iron mine, a fortified wall and gate, and necessary facilities to host a complement of rangers. Lionblood Manor was untouched by the Rebellion, neither occupying it out of reverence until Koramus ended the rebellion. Lionblood Manor has been elevated by the cunning Duke Gregory Rotheram into a political sphere of power within the Lionblood Realm in recent years and currently controlled by Duke Mathilan Lionblood.


Governed by the Holy Council of Harton
Location: Western Carthan bordering the gates of Estermont Vale
Established from the time preceding the Lionbloods, Harton was originally a settlement dating back to the time of human tribes. It grew into a minor unwalled city until Mathrohan I, patriarch of the Lionbloods, married the Chieftess Flora, at which point he cobbled the streets, established a large church to the Light, and built a fortified wall around the city with a gate set into a stone jutting out of the ground. The general populace of Harton resents the Dukes of Carthan, believing them to have robbed Kordir 'The Exiled' of his right to Ducal leadership, and joined in Kordan's rebellion. Since the original dissolution of the rebellion Harton has openly rebelled twice, only to be recaptured by Mathilan Lionblood, who amended any distrust of his right to rule and showed mercy to the population who surrendered after he took the keep. Harton houses an established small body of paladins to protect the Church Quarter known as the Silver Templars and remains a holy center of faith within the Lionblood Realm. Currently controlled by the Holy Council of Harton.


Controlled by House Lionblood
Location: Southeastern Carthan outside the northern gates of Port Carthan
The military headquarters, training facility, and fortress of Carthan; Eastwatch was established before the Lionblood ascendancy in the area as a military outpost of the Empire of Arathor against troll and murloc incursions in the far east. Initially just a well-fortified cylindrical keep watching the far east coast, Eastwatch was redesigned and rebuilt under Koramus, a Knight of Arathor and son-in-law to Mathrohan I. After Mathrohan II established Port Carthan, Eastwatch became a dedicated military establishment. Eastwatch was under Rebel-leader Kordan 'Kinslayer' control at the time of his patricide and became the de facto regional seat during the rebellion's lifespan. It is currently controlled by Duke Mathilan Lionblood.

The Dwarfgate

Governed by Thane Mordin Irondawn
Location: Southwestern Carthan bordering the mountains of Estermont Vale
The dwarves established the Dwarfgate in relative secrecy over decades. It is a stable trading partner with the city of Carthan, and provides excellent craftsmanship and ores in exchange for food and wood, as well as shipping farther south where wares unsold in the north may be stockpiled and fetch good coin. The Dwarves of Dwarfgate are secretive, like their founding many centuries ago, and keep much to themselves.

Duchy of Estermont

The Duchy of Estermont is a Duchy within the Kingdom of Stromgarde, under the rule of the House Rotheram. Estermont is the holy capital of the Grand Duchy of Carthan. The Duchy straddles the eastern mountains of Arathi Highlands, far to the south, the only land access to the Duchy of Carthan. Built into the mountainside, Estermont’s fortified gates deter any invading forces attempting to make their way into the defensible Estermont Vale. The Duchy's location mainly comprises the Vale of Estermont, but extends into the Duchy of Carthan and far to the northwest. Despite the seemingly large amount of land encompassing the Duchy, it is made mainly of mountains and has a few premier locations for sustainable farming. The seat of the Duchy is at Estermont City, overlooking the Vale of Estermont. The northwestern region of Estermont Vale houses the complex of the Highlord, an ancient fortification built for worship and seeking the wise counsel of Estermontian religious authorities.

Holy City of Estermont

Seat of House Rotheram
Location: Southern Estermont
The seat of Estermont is located in the southern end of Estermont Vale, built around and into the mountains. Extremely fortified, Estermont has nodes of silver and truesilver in sustainable supply, as well as iron and coal that are exploited through mining systems within the castle. With natural springs and large cooled storage, Estermont can survive long siege, but is as yet untried. The forces that man the defenses of the capital are veteran, more experienced and well equipped than the bulk of the Highlands. Holy hymns and church bells ring across the holy capital of the Grand Duchy of Carthan, with esteemed scholars and religious figures making pilgrimages from across the realm.

Duchy of Whitestone

The Duchy of Whitestone was created through joint Lionblood and Rotheram operations on the west side of the Estermont mountains. It produces stone, marble, horses, weapons, and arms. The duchy also practices giving veterans of the Grand Duchy of Carthan and the Kingdom of Stromgarde farmland within its borders.The Duchy of Whitestone serves as the first line of defense of the Grand Duchy of Carthan, holding the road that leads to the mountains of Estermont. The military is deeply embedded in the culture of its citizens, being one of the most militarized and policed duchies in the Kingdom.


Seat of House Lionblood of Whitestone
Location: Southern Coast near Thandol Span
Whitestone falls under the County of Whitestone itself as the personal holdings of the Duke and the duchy's capital. Whitestone is a three-tiered fortress city with strong walls and fortifications made from stone from the duchy's famous marble and stone quarries. As one of Stromgarde's important military centers, the city has ample housing for the soldiers under Duke Telirius' command. Whitestone's harbor is also essential, lying close to the Thandol Span, controlling all trade through the channel. The city is adorned in gold and white Lionblood heraldry instead of the traditional Lionblood red. It serves as Duke Telirius’ command center for his duties to the Grand Duchy of Carthan and the Kingdom of Stromgarde.

County of Fort Brutus

Legate Koramus Blackblood
Location: Central Whitestone
Fort Brutus is a county of Whitestone, and it's namesake fortress is the main base of operations for the Whitestone Legion outside of the capital. It is positioned in the center of the Duchy so that the Legions stationed there can react quickly to threats both inside and out. A slow-growing town has begun to form outside the fortress due to its strategic location. While a county, the Count of Fort Brutus is a military-appointed leader by the Duke of Whitestone.

County of Stonewatch

Leader: Open
Location: Eastern Whitestone
The County of Stonewatch is a county on the eastern border of Whitestone, which serves as the primary defense of the roads to and from Estermont and Carthan. Stonewatch’s capital is the fortress of Stonewatch that houses the county's ruling family.

Duchy of Thallan

The youngest of the five duchies of Stromgarde, Thallan consists of the sweeping mountains that fall into the ocean and farmland west of the capital. Its lands were once scarred with the horrors of war, the fields arid and rugged to farm, and the infrastructure almost all but destroyed. But its people have endured, first by isolating themselves in the mountains for protection and recently by rejoining the Stromic state under the banner of the Great House Qinelis.Thallan quickly rebuilt once it had the state's attention. With the fall of Lordaeron, Thallan finds itself as one of the most vulnerable areas in western Arathi but strategically crucial as the southern protectors beyond where the wall ends and the Stromic waters leading to the capital.With a unified Stromic government, a steady flow of tradesmen and women, and an ever-increasing population, Thallan’s future is bright, and its people strive daily to ensure a better life for their families.The Duchy is now famed for its new bountiful farmlands, plentiful mines and robust people. In addition, Thallan is the beacon for the Light in the western lands of Stromgarde and is home to the finest medical professions and the School of Medicine.For more information, click here.

Fortress City of Thallan

Seat of House Qinelis
Location: Central Thallan
Lying south of where Thoradin’s Wall ends and high into the mountains sits the capital city of Thallan. The fortress complex within the capital is built from the sides of the mountains and overlooks the ever-growing city. New travelers are often taken back by the sight of the capital as it’s imposing. Thallan’s architecture was once considered cold and brutal compared to other ducal capitals as the initial rebuilding of the city was done so out of function rather than form.Over the years, with the assistance of the state, Thallan began to prosper and more time and effort went into the ducal capital. As the bastion of the Holy Light of the west, House Qinelis set forth a vision to honor its past, present and future. A call to stonemasons, blacksmiths, and tradesmen went out to elevate Thallan. Providing steady work and pay for the people, the capital bolstered its defenses but also underwent a beautification initiative.Thallan sits upon Lake Thallan in the mountains and is home to the western headquarters of the Crimson Hand and the Thallan School of Medicine. Towering walls guard the entire city and the only way to enter the capital from the east is passing over the Great Bridge which is warded by the Holy Light.

County of Thallan

Count/ess: Lord Kostas Qinelis
Location: Central Thallan
The County of Thallan is the ancestral home of House Qinelis and consists of most of the land bordering Thoradin’s Wall while stretching into the mountains near the ducal capital. The County has sweeping farmlands anchored by the town of White Marsh as well as numerous smaller villages across the highlands. Mountains, Lake Thallan and the capital take up most of the western section of the county.

County of Loudon

Countess Diane Horner
Location: Southwest Coast of Thallan
Loudon is the county famed for its cliffs and mountains as well as the Wilds that encompass the southern mountain range. The county is also home to Thallan’s ‘barbarian’ tribes and small druidic and shamanistic cultures within the forests of the Wilds.The central fishing and port for Thallan, Port Loudon, sits beyond the steep mountains of the western shores along the coast. Quickly developing into an essential hub for the duchy, Port Loudon is a bustling trade port that regularly receives shipments from the state and east. Ore, stone, and gems often go to this port before being shipped to the capital or beyond.

County of Integrum

Countess Ectorius
Location: Western Mountains of Thallan
The center for the mining operations and of the Forge of Thallan, Integrum plays a vital role in the stability of the duchy. Nestled between two great mountains, Integrum is the centerpiece for all three of Thallan's great mines - gold, gems and iron all make their way here for processing.To the west, the County also plays host to Fort Heronhold nestled on the western most island off the coast, a Crown-controlled port administered by Thallan. The Western Vanguard Training grounds also sits on the island of Sparrow.

County of Montalado

Count/ess: Open
Location: Highlands of Thallan
In the county of Montalado, the town of Northbrook stands as a testament to Stromic and Thallan might. Once a run-down settlement, the former Countess of the land worked hard to undo the damage the Horde brought upon it and the surrounding farmland. Since the troll wars, the state has infused significant resources and gold into turning Montalado into a new 'bread basket' for the Highlands.

County of Easthold

Count/ess: Open
Location: Eastern Thallan
The County of Easthold, as the name implies, is the furthest east of Thallan’s holdings, consisting of sweeping farmlands and quarries. Thoridan’s Wall is the northern border and to the eastern border is Newstead of the Crownlands. Easthold’s main settlement is Stonecrest sits on the edge of the largest dedicated rock quarry in the duchy.Easthold’s exports mainly go towards the constant repairs of Thordin’s Wall and it’s grain and food is sent to feed the Vanguard and Thallan soldier’s patrolling the Kingdom’s western front.

Unity Keep

Unity Keep is the largest military installation in the duchy. A joint project of both Whitestone and Thallan, the Keep acts as the main military training base for western Arathi. The GSA’s western platoons and the Golden Shields are headquartered here. The Keep is also the watchful eye on the only major mountain pass into the duchy from Hillsbrad.The keep itself is built with Whitestone marble in addition to Thallan stone and lumber. Whitestone provided the plans, but it was Thallan’s people who built the entire base and is a testament to the skilled labor of Thallanites and strong relations to Whitestone and the duchy.

Ectorius School of Medicine

Years ago, the Ectorius family established the Ectorius Medical School in the former ducal capital and were raised to prominence as one of the Major Houses of Thallan. For years they taught and trained the soldiers and civilians of the duchy medicine, not only through the Light but mostly by conventional means. The Ectrorius family moved with the Qinelis House in the newly established capital along Thallan Lake and built the Ectorius School of Medicine and numerous hospitals and clinics across the duchy.


"We, the proud and loyal descendants of Arathor, the greatest human empire that ever existed, do hereby proclaim and affirm our allegiance and devotion to the Kingdom of Stromgarde, the true and rightful successor of Arathor. We, the noble and brave warriors of Stromgarde, who have fought and bled for our land and our king, do hereby declare and assert our sovereignty and dignity as a free and independent nation. We, the wise and faithful scholars of Stromgarde, who have preserved and advanced the knowledge and culture of our ancestors, do hereby establish and enact this government for the Kingdom of Stromgarde. This government shall consist of the Great Offices of the State, Council of Arathor, the Principate and the Envoys, The Chancery, and the Praetorians who shall represent and serve the interests and welfare of all people of Stromgarde. This government shall also uphold and defend the laws and traditions of Stromgarde, which are based on the principles and values of Arathor. This government shall also respect and protect the rights and privileges of the nobility, who are the leaders and guardians of Stromgarde. This government shall also serve and honor the king, who is the supreme ruler and protector of Stromgarde, and who carries on the legacy of Thoradin, the first king of Arathor. This government shall also strive to maintain peace and harmony with its allies and neighbors, who share our heritage and destiny as children of Arathor. This government shall also defend its sovereignty and dignity from its enemies and threats, who seek to destroy or enslave us as enemies of Arathor. This government shall also seek to preserve and enhance the glory and legacy of Stromgarde, as the cradle of human civilization and the heir of Arathor."- Imperator Mathilan Lionblood.

Great Offices of the State

The Great Offices of the State are the highest-ranking positions in the Kingdom of Stromgarde, held by the most trusted and capable ministers of the King. To succeed and provide order and stability to the realm, the Offices of the State assist in administrative, legal, spiritualistic, financial, militaristic, and diplomatic matters in the King’s stead.

Council of Arathor

A limited assembly of Great Houses and prestigious heroes of the Realm that have been designated to convene and act to address any Crises of the Realm. Outside of important events, the Council of Arathor represents within the Principate.

The Principate

The Principate serves as the primary consultative and legislative body to the King and the Officials of the State. The assembly consists of Great Houses, Houses, and elected non-noble representatives known as Envoys. The body voices opinions, concerns, and grievances on matters of the realm and their lands and people. The assembly can also petition, draft treaties, and declarations of war proposed by other members of the government or the King.

The Chancery

Offices of the state that conduct administrative, diplomatic, financial, legal ministers of the Stromgarde that report to the Office of the Grand Chancellor. These individuals assist in the day-to-day operations of the State of Stromgarde.

The Judiciary

The Judiciary is the branch of government in charge of the interpretation and enforcement of the kingdom's laws on behalf of the Crown. The King is the source of all law and justice in the kingdom.

Great Offices of the State

The Great Offices of the State are the highest-ranking positions in the Kingdom of Stromgarde, held by the most trusted and capable ministers of the King. To succeed and provide order and stability to the realm, the Offices of the State assist in administrative, legal, spiritualistic, financial, militaristic, and diplomatic matters in the King’s stead.

Imperator (Project Lead)

Grand Duke Mathilan LionbloodThe Imperator is the highest-ranking official of the Stromgarde government beneath the King. He acts as the Grand Marshal of the Stromgarde Military and protector of the realm enforcing the King’s reign. He has the authority to oversee and direct all aspects of the kingdom’s defense, security, and diplomacy. He can also issue orders and decrees in the name of the King, subject to his approval or ratification.

Grand Chancellor

Duke Gregory RotheramThe Grand Chancellor is appointed by King Trollbane from among the most loyal and capable ministers or generals. He is the chief registrar and archivist of Stromgarde, who keeps and maintains all official records and documents of the kingdom. The Grand Chancellor must sign off on all legislation before it can be published and enforced throughout the kingdom. The Grand Chancellor can also ratify any legislation upon request or demand. He works with the Imperator and acts as the deputy head of state and the head of government in the absence or incapacity of the Imperator. He also coordinates and supervises the activities of the Principate. He can represent the Imperator in diplomatic missions or negotiations. He can also issue orders or decrees in the name of the Imperator, subject to his approval or ratification. The Grand Chancellor heads the Chancery that manages the administration, finances, and diplomacy of the kingdom.

High Marshal

Duke Telirius LionbloodThe High Marshal is the most senior military official of the Stromgarde Military besides the Imperator and King. He is the chief strategist and tactician of the kingdom, who plans and executes the military campaigns and operations of Stromgarde. The High Marshal commands the Legions of Stromgarde, the largest and most powerful branch of the military, which consists of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and engineers. The High Marshal can also mobilize and deploy the Stromgarde Militia, the reserve force of the kingdom, which consists of volunteers, conscripts, and veterans. The High Marshal represents all the armed forces of Stromgarde from the Legions, Air Force, and Navy.

Chapter Master of the Holy Light

Duke Alexios Qinelis IVThe Chapter Master is the highest authority and representative of the Light, the divine force that guides and protects the people of Stromgarde. The Chapter Master leads and oversees the Clergy and the faithful of the Church of the Capital City, who worship and serve the Light in various ways. The Chapter Master may perform miracles, blessings, or healings on behalf of the government and in the name of the Light. Furthermore, the Chapter Master may call inquisitions or other spiritual events of importance for the Church and Crimson Hand. The Chapter Master may appoint and supervise the bishops, priests, and paladins of the Church, who spread and defend the faith of the Light. The Chapter Master of the Light may advise and assist the Imperator and the King in matters of morality and spirituality.

The Council of Arathor

The Council of Arathor is a special body of the Kingdom of Stromgarde that convenes during the event of a Crisis of the Realm.


The Council members are selected from the Great Houses of the Realm and other prestigious figures, such as Heroes, Scholars, or Clergy, who have earned the respect and trust of the King and the people.TENURE: Once an individual is named to the Council of Arathor, their status as a member house of the Council of Arathor is held for life and inherited upon the death or succession of the individual named to the Council.ELECTING COUNCILORS: A majority vote from the Council of Arathor and the approval of the King will allow for further members of the Council to be named. In the event of the King’s absence, the Imperator or Grand Chancellor may give approval on his behalf.CURRENT COUNCILORS:
Grand Duke Mathilan Lionblood of Carthan
Duke Telirius Lionblood of Whitestone
Duke Gregory Rotheram of Estermont
Duke Alexios Qinelis IV of Thallan

Crisis of the Realm

A situation that threatens the stability, security, or legitimacy of the Kingdom of Stromgarde. It may involve internal or external factors, such as war, rebellion, succession, invasion, natural disaster, or corruption. The Council of Arathor has the authority to act on behalf of the King during the event of a Crisis of the Realm. Some examples of crises of the realm that the Council of Arathor may act upon are:THE DEATH, RESIGNATION, OR INCAPACITATION OF THE KING without a clear heir or successor.THE DEATH, RESIGNATION, OR INCAPACITATION OF AN OFFICE HOLDER OF THE REALM, without a designated replacement.CIVIL WAR, OR REVOLT among the nobles or the people against the King or his government.
WAR that endangers the sovereignty or the integrity of the kingdom.
NATURAL DISASTER OR A PLAGUE,that threatens the population or the resources of the kingdom.SCANDAL OR CORRUPTION, that undermines the trust or the reputation of the King or his officials.


Upon the declaration of a Crisis of a Realm, the following procedures are carried out:AN ASSEMBLY WITH HAPPEN IN THE TROLLBANE HALL, the ancient chamber where the Kings of Arathor were crowned.THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY TAKES CHARGE, in order of the King, or by the Imperator or the Grand Chancellor in his absence or incapacity.THE COUNCIL WILL DEBATE on the best course of action to resolve the crisis, taking into account the interests and opinions of the people of Stromgarde. The Council strives to reach a consensus, but if that is not possible, a vote is held. Each Council member has one vote, and a simple majority is required to pass a resolution. In case of a tie, the King or his representative has the casting vote.THE COUNCIL WILL COMMUNICATE RESOLUTION to the people of Stromgarde through a public proclamation, and instructs the relevant authorities and institutions to implement it. The Council also coordinates with the Alliance and other allies, if the crisis affects or involves them.

The Principate

The Principate is the main political body of the Kingdom of Stromgarde, composed of the most influential and powerful members of the society.


THE PRINCIPATE ADVISES THE KING AND THE OFFICIALS OF THE STATE, on various issues affecting the kingdom, such as law, economy, defense, and foreign affairs. The Principate can also propose new legislation or amendments to existing laws, subject to the approval of the King.THE PRINCIPATE IS REPRESENTED BY THE GREAT HOUSES, HOUSES, AND ENVOYS OF THE KINGDOM. The Great Houses are the most prominent and noble families of Stromgarde, as some trace their lineage back to the ancient Arathorian Empire. The Houses are the lesser nobility, who hold lands and titles granted to them by their liege lords or the Ruler of Stromgarde. The Envoys are the non-noble representatives, who are elected by the common people from various regions and professions of the kingdom.THE MEETING OF THE PRINCIPATE OCCURS WITHIN THE TROLLBANE HALL, the grand chamber located in the royal palace of Stromgarde Keep. The Principate is presided by the King, or by the Imperator or Grand Chancellor in his absence or incapacity. The Principate follows a formal protocol of debate and discussion, where each representative can voice their opinion or concern, and vote on the matters at hand.THE PRINCIPATE OPERATES BY MAJORITY RULE, meaning that a resolution is passed if it receives more than half of the votes of the present representatives. However, the King has the power to veto any resolution. The King can also appoint or dismiss any representative, except for the Great Houses, who have a hereditary right to their seats.FACTIONS AND VARIOUS GROUPS REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE, and serve as a check and balance to the power of the King and Officials of the State. The Principate also acts as a liaison between the kingdom and the Alliance, of which Stromgarde is a founding member.

Great House

A GREAT HOUSE is a noble family that has a significant Prestige and power in the kingdom of Stromgarde. Houses that meet the criteria below may be elevated to the status of a Great House with a formal vote amongst the Electors of the Realm with a simple majority:THEY MUST HAVE STROMGARDE CITIZENSHIP, meaning they are born or naturalized in the kingdom, and they swear allegiance to the king and the realm.THEY MUST HOLD SIGNIFICANT POWER, meaning they have significant territory, a strong army, a wealthy economy, and a prestigious lineage. They may have vassals and allies among the lesser houses and other factions. They may also have historical or cultural ties to the kingdom, such as being descendants of the Arathi or the founders of Stromgarde.THEY MUST BE A DUKE OR DUCHESS, meaning they hold the highest rank of nobility in Stromgarde, second only to the King.THEY MUST BE REGISTERED AS A HOUSE, in accordance with the Grand Chancellor, meaning they have applied for and received official recognition and documentation from the government.


A HOUSE is a noble or non-noble family that has a moderate or minor influence and power in the kingdom of Stromgarde. Candidates that meet the criteria below may be elevated to the status of a House with formal approved registration in accordance with the Nobility Registration Act:THEY MUST HAVE STROMGARDE CITIZENSHIP, meaning they are born or naturalized in the kingdom, and they swear allegiance to the king and the realm.THEY MUST HOLD PRESTIGE, meaning they have some degree of wealth, expertise, or authority in their field of activity, such as commerce, crafts, scholarship, religion, or warfare. They may also have some land or property in the kingdom, but not enough to rival the great houses.THEY MUST BE REGISTERED AS A HOUSE in accordance with the Office of the State, meaning they have applied for and received official recognition and documentation from the government.KNIGHTHOOD granted by the League of Arathor or Stromgarde may be used to elevate a family into a lesser house.HOUSES ARE ENTITLED TO SIT ON THE PRINCIPATE, and a house may improve its status and wealth through service to the realm.


THE ENVOYS are a body of military and civilian officials that act as representatives and servants of The People’s will in the Principate. Envoys represent different classes of the Kingdom: the Military, the Faith, and the Commoners. These people directly represent and collect information and the needs of the People in their areas of expertise to bring forth to the Principate. Envoys can also request and examine any witness or evidence relevant to their inquiries. Envoys represent the following factions of the kingdom:THE MILITARY, meaning those who are enlisted in the Stromic Military or have honorably left service due to retirement or wounds. These are the soldiers of Stromgarde, Knights of the Realm, and Veterans of Arathor who have sworn to protect the kingdom from its enemies and threats.THE FAITHFUL, meaning those who are of any legalized worship or practice within the kingdom, including the Holy Light, Titans, Arcane. These are the priests and mages of Stromgarde, who have devoted themselves to studying and practicing their chosen faith. They are skilled in healing and magic, and have a deep respect for their traditions and beliefs. Faith focused assets, such as shrines and holy places also fall into this category.THE PEOPLE, meaning prominent civilians and merchant families without noble lineage. These are commoners of the realm, the traders and artisans of Stromgarde, and those who hold minor positions within state, provincial, and local governance. They are proficient in business and crafts and have a keen interest and ambition in better serving the state as representatives of the People.

The Chancery

THE CHANCERY is the government department that assists the Grand Chancellor in managing the affairs of the kingdom. The Chancery is managed by magistrates tasked to administer in the name of Stromgarde. Each wing of the Chancery is headed by a senior official who reports to the Grand Chancellor and oversees a staff of clerks, scribes, and agents. The Imperator may oversee the Chancery if the Grand Chancellor is not present. All departments are located in their respective districts of King's Square, which is the upper tier of Stromgarde surrounding the Trollbane Hall.

The Quaestor

THE QUAESTOR’S OFFICE oversees the budget, revenue, and expenditure of the kingdom. They also manage the royal treasury, a vault filled with gold, silver, jewels, and other valuables. The Quaestor's Office is responsible for issuing coins, bonds, and loans, as well as setting the exchange rates and tariffs. The Quaestor reports directly to the Grand Chancellor and the Imperator.THE DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION is responsible for collecting taxes from the citizens, nobles, and provinces of the kingdom. They also enforce the tax laws and regulations, and deal with tax evasion and fraud. The Taxation Office works closely with the Quaestor's Office to ensure the proper allocation and distribution of the tax revenue.THE DEPARTMENT OF TRADE is responsible for promoting and regulating the kingdom's trade and commerce. It also works with diplomats to develop trade agreements and treaties with other kingdoms and factions. The Trade Office works with the Quaestor's Office to monitor and protect the kingdom's trade routes and interests.THE DEPARTMENT OF MINTING is tasked with the production and regulation of the kingdom’s currency. This includes the design, minting, and distribution of coins and other legal tender. The Minting Office collaborates with the Quaestor’s Office to ensure the stability and integrity of the kingdom’s monetary system. They also work closely with the Department of Trade to align the currency standards with international trade requirements. Additionally, the Department of Minting is responsible for preventing counterfeiting and managing the kingdom’s reserves of precious metals.

The First Emissary - Marigold Lionblood

THE FIRST EMISSARY oversees the kingdom's diplomatic relations and policies. They also lead diplomatic missions and delegations to other countries and organizations. The First Emissary's Office communicates and coordinates with the other branches of the government, especially the Imperator and the Grand Chancellor, on matters of international importance.THE DEPARTMENT OF INTELLIGENCE consists of spies and informants of the kingdom, known as the Redcloaks. They are in charge of gathering and analyzing information on other nations and faction activities, intentions, and capabilities. They also conduct covert operations and sabotage to advance the interests and security of the kingdom. The Intelligence Office works closely with the First Emissary's Office to provide timely and accurate intelligence reports and assessments.THE DEPARTMENT OF DIPLOMACY is tasked with maintaining and developing relationships with other nations, factions, and organizations, all in the pursuit of advancing the interests and prosperity of Stromgarde. It also organizes and hosts official visits, ceremonies, and events involving foreign dignitaries and guests. Diplomats work with the First Emissary to maintain the kingdom's reputation and prestige.THE DEPARTMENT OF THE CONSULAR is responsible for protecting and assisting the citizens and interests of the kingdom abroad. They also issue and verify the passports, visas, and documents for travelers and immigrants. The Consular Office works with the First Emissary's Office to facilitate the movement and exchange of people and goods between the kingdom and other countries.

The High Patrician

THE HIGH PATRICIAN is dedicated to the supervision and coordination of the city’s guilds and public works, ensuring that both sectors operate efficiently and contribute to the prosperity of Stromgarde. The High Patrician is not merely an overseer of economic and infrastructural endeavors but also a cultural icon. They embody the spirit of Stromgarde’s industriousness and are revered as a patron of progress.THE DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE is responsible for registering all the guilds in Stromgarde and ensures that they align with Stromgarde’s laws and regulations. This includes trade guilds that regulate commerce and crafting guilds that are responsible for standards of goods and services.THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS is responsible for planning, designing, and constructing the public infrastructure and facilities of the kingdom. They also maintain and repair the existing roads, bridges, aqueducts, sewers, and buildings. The Public Works Office works with the Quaestor's Office to secure the funding and resources for their projects.THE DEPARTMENT OF CULTURE is the custodian of the kingdom’s cultural heritage and the promoter of its artistic and intellectual expressions. Tasked with preserving and celebrating Stromgarde’s rich traditions, the Department of Culture orchestrates a diverse array of festivals, exhibitions, and performances that showcase the realm’s history and talents. It also fosters the growth of the arts by providing grants and patronage to artists, musicians, and writers, ensuring that the creative spirit of the kingdom flourishes. In collaboration with the guilds, it sets standards for cultural goods and services, enriching the lives of citizens and elevating Stromgarde’s status as a beacon of cultural excellence.

The Judiciary

THE JUDICIARY IS BASED UPON THE PRINCIPAL OF ROYAL SUPREMACY, which means that the king is the source of all law and justice in the kingdom. The Grand Chancellor, who is appointed by the king, acts as his representative and has the authority to interpret and apply the laws, as well as to preside over the courts and tribunals. The Grand Chancellor also has the power to appoint and dismiss other judges and magistrates, who are responsible for hearing and deciding cases in their respective jurisdictions.

Judiciary Overview

THE JUDICIARY HAS THREE LEVELS OF COURTS: the Court of Appeal, the High Court, and the Magistrate’s Court. The Court of Appeal is the highest court in the kingdom, and hears appeals from the High Court and the Magistrate’s Court on matters of law and fact. The High Court is the intermediate court, and hears cases involving serious crimes, civil disputes, and constitutional issues. The Magistrate’s Court is the lowest court, and hears cases involving minor crimes, petty offenses, and small claims.THE JUDICIARY FOLLOWS COMMON LAW, which means that it relies on precedents and customs as sources of law, in addition to statutes and royal decrees. The judiciary system also follows an adversarial system, which means that it allows both parties in a case to present their evidence and arguments before a judge or a jury, who then decides the outcome.THE JUDICIARY APPLIES LAWS TO THE KINGDOM AT LARGE, and does not enforce or enact punishment within a noble’s own territory. The Judiciary is compliant with the rulings established by the First Circle and Crimson Hand regarding magics.THE JUDICIARY MAY CALL UPON THE GOVERNMENT FOR A TRIAL OF THE ACCUSED, with a simple majority of votes is required to pass judgment, unless the matter involves constitutional matters, in which a two-thirds vote may be enacted.THE COUNCIL OF ARATHOR MAY OVERRIDE A VOTE of the governmental trial with a unanimous decision. This is a special power that allows the Council of Arathor to bypass or overrule a decision if they deem it necessary or beneficial for Stromgarde. This power can only be used in exceptional circumstances and with good reasons. All councilors must agree to trigger this clause. If the Imperator approves, the criminal offense is dropped. If the Imperator rejects, the ruling on the floor remains in place.

Major Crimes

MAJOR CRIMES AGAINST THE REALM that are punishable by the judiciary system are the following:
TREASON: This is the most serious crime in Stromgarde, which involves betraying or harming the king, his family, his government, his allies, or his subjects. The punishment for treason is banishment, lifetime imprisonment, or execution.
THEFT: This is the unlawful taking of another person’s property without their consent. The punishment for theft is restitution for minor thefts and imprisonment for major thefts.PERJURY: This is the unlawful lying under oath in a court of law. The punishment for perjury is imprisonment for minor perjuries and mutilation for major perjuries.DESERTION: The act of abandoning or fleeing from one’s military duty or service without permission. It is punishable by imprisonment, flogging, or execution.ASSAULT: The act of causing physical harm or injury to another person intentionally or recklessly. It is punishable by fines, compensation, or imprisonment.

The Stromgarde Military

The Kingdom of Stromgarde is protected by brave men and women who will ensure that King Trollbane's control over the Highlands is absolute. Learn more about the different branches of the Stromic military here.

The Legions of Stromgarde

High Marshal of Stromgarde: Duke Telirius Lionblood
Strictly controlled by the state such as the King, Imperator, and Grand Chancellor.

Military Clarifications

For the purposes of streamlining the game and preventing any potential confusion on who “reports” to who during events, we have outlined the following for clarification.

Headquarters & Garrisons

Information on the headquarters and bases around the Highlands that the military call home.

Ranks of the Legion

The Stromic Legions follow a strict chain of command with homage to the ancient Arathorian Empire with rank and designation of troops.

Military Special Units

Special military units of Stromgarde including ducal forces that may be called upon during offensive and defensive campaigns.

Ducal Forces

Controlled by the Duchy Leaders
The offensive and defensive forces of each duchy in times of war can be called upon by the state.
Coming Soon.

The Legions of Stromgarde

With its vast numbers, quality training, and rigid discipline, the Stromgarde Legion is considered one of the best armies ever assembled after the end of the Fourth War. The primary mission of the Stromgarde Legion is to preserve the peace and the rule of law in the kingdom. In peacetime, the Legion serves primarily as a garrison force — manning forts, patrolling roads, and providing guardsmen for towns, cities, counties, and nobles. They are empowered to arrest criminals and seize their property, among other things. In wartime, the Legion's responsibilities and powers are greatly increased. During conflicts, the Legion serves as an invading and occupying force, overwhelming opposition with professionally trained soldiers, equipment, and strict economy of force. The aquatic equivalent of the Stromgarde Legion is the Stromgarde Navy.

The Legions of Stromgarde

High Marshal of Stromgarde: Duke Telirius LionbloodForce Type: Primary | General War Forces.The Legions of Stromgarde is the Grand Standing Army of the Kingdom. It is the largest military force in the realm, composed of levies of all the vassals under the Crown. The crimson clad soldiers are known for their martial prowess throughout Azeroth as some of humanity’s greatest fighters. The Legions are tasked with maintaining law and order throughout the Arathi Highlands, waging wars beyond Thoradin’s Wall and Thandol Span, and defending the interests of humanity’s ancient kingdom with maintenance of garrisons and other local provincial military bases of the Stromic state.

Air Forces of Stromgarde

The Air Forces of Stromgarde represent the aerial forces of the kingdom led by Gryphon Master Grayson Bell. Otherwise dubbed as the Stromic Air Force (SAF), the aerial units of the kingdom largely consist of gryphons from the Wildhammer Clan of Aerie Peak and a small amount of Gnomish flying machines leftover from the Fourth War. The Stromic Air Force headquarters are located in the aerial hangar known as the Skywatch Aviary built into the mountainside of Faldir's Cove.

Naval Forces of Stromgarde

The Naval Forces of Stromgarde represent the naval forces of the kingdom that are presently without an official leader. A naval council of Stromic naval officers and lords arranged by the Duke Gregory Rotheram acts as the presiding naval command underneath the High Marshal Telirius Lionblood. Otherwise dubbed as the Stromic Naval Forces (SNF), the naval forces are being rebuilt and modernized after Stromgarde was rebuilt. Largely consisting of old ironside vessels from the Kul Tiran Fleet after the Second War, the modernization of the Stromic Fleet has been spearheaded by the Imperator Mathilan Lionblood and Duke Gregory Rotheram. The Stromic Naval Forces are headquartered in Faldir's Cove, which has been retrofitted with quay walls, ramparts, and naval sentry towers.

Equipment of the Legion

The Legion is a formidable fighting force that relies on heavy infantry as its backbone. These soldiers are equipped with sturdy armor and weapons, and trained to fight in close formation. The Legion also employs missile units to support the infantry, such as longbowmen, crossbowmen, and riflemen, who can rain death from afar. The cavalry is another vital component of the army, consisting of both light and heavy horsemen, who can flank, harass, or charge the enemy. The Legion also has access to siege equipment and artillery weapons, such as catapults, ballistae, and cannons, which can break through fortifications and cause massive damage. The Legion is a well-organized and disciplined army that can adapt to any situation and terrain.

Uniform Policy

The Legion of Stromgarde requires its members to wear their uniforms properly and appropriately, according to the regulations and standards of the kingdom. The uniform policy aims to promote a professional and uniform appearance, to foster a sense of pride and identity, and to reflect the honor and tradition of the legion.Active-duty soldiers must maintain the following equipment on themselves:
- Standard-issue tabard representing the kingdom of Stromgarde.
- Badges, insignias, and anything else that is related to their rank designation.
- Standard-issue weaponry or personal weapons approved for active-duty. Standard- issue and personal weapons cannot be enchanted with any unlawful magics such as Fel or Necromancy.
- Standard-issue cloak that designates the individual by their military rank. Non-standard issue cloaks must match the color scheme of their designation.
- Standard-issue uniform or otherwise approved non-standard issue uniform. Non-standard issue uniforms must match the color scheme of Stromgarde. Standard issue and non-standard issue uniforms cannot be enchanted with unlawful magics.

Active-Duty Regulations and Responsibilities

The Legion of Stromgarde expects its members to perform their duties with honor, discipline, and efficiency. On-duty members must follow the orders of their superiors, respect the chain of command, and adhere to the code of conduct. On-duty members must also wear their proper uniform, maintain their equipment, and report any problems or issues to their leaders. On-duty members must be ready to respond to any threats or emergencies, and to participate in any missions or operations assigned to them. On-duty members must also uphold the laws and customs of the kingdom, and protect its interests and allies.

Off-Duty Regulations and Responsibilities

The Legion of Stromgarde allows its members to engage in off-duty activities that do not interfere with their on-duty performance, are not prohibited by law or regulation, and do not compromise the reputation or security of the legion or the kingdom. Active-duty equipment is not required for members that are off-duty.

Unruly Conduct and Punishment

Soldiers of Stromgarde who commit unlawful crimes against the state, such as disobedience, desertion, or theft, are subject to punishment from their superior officer or possibility of being subject to a court martial depending on the severity of their crime.

Military Deployment & Order Clarification

For the purposes of streamlining the game and preventing any potential confusion on who “reports” to who during events, we have outlined the following for clarification.

General Structure

- The Legions of Stromgarde are the primary military of Stromgarde.
- The Praetorians and Redcloaks are direct military organizations and fall underneath the Legions as branches.
- The Crimson Hand and First Circle are specialized orders that can be called upon by the Legions for deployments.
- Individual members of the specialized organizations can be called upon by the Legions to support.

Player Events

- The player who organizes and hosts the event, and in extension their primary organization, is considered to be “in charge” of that specific deployment.
- All players, even those who are part of other organizations, will receive orders from the primary host.
Example - if High Marshal Telirius assigns his ‘Army Captain’ to lead an event - the event is hosted by the Legions of Stromgarde. All player characters, regardless of their organization rank, will receive their orders directly from the Army Captain. The Captain is free to assign or work with high-ranking members of different organizations to help lead the engagement, but this is the decision of the host only.Example - if the Archmage is leading an event and assigns a Warmage - the event is hosted by the First Circle. All player characters, regardless of their organization rank, will receive their orders directly from the Warmage. The Warmage is free to assign leadership roles during the player event such as a Knight-Commander of the Crimson Hand to help lead the engagement.

War & Military Engagements

- During formal declarations of war or state-sponsored military engagements, orders and deployments given by the High Command (i.e. The Imperator and High Marshal) must be followed regardless of what order you are part of. If you are part of the Crimson Hand or First Circle, you are welcome to bring those orders to the attention of your organization leadership for clarification.
- Order members are of equivalent military rank when called into active duty (i.e. the Highlord is the equivalent rank of a Legate) and treated with equal authority on the battlefield.


During peacetime or matters unrelated to official engagements (i.e. standard border security), the High Command will formally request aid as needed from the Order Leader. Those orders will be passed down to impact members. Otherwise, standard command structures of each organization will be respected.

Headquarters and Military Garrisons

The Stromgarde Legion has its headquarters and main base within the capital city of Stromgarde, the largest and most populous city in the kingdom. The headquarters is located in the Citadel, a massive fortress that dominates the city’s skyline. The Citadel houses the Legion’s command center, barracks, armory, training grounds, and other facilities.The Legion also maintains several other prominent garrisons throughout the kingdom, especially in strategic locations and border regions. Below are some of the most notable garrisons.

Refuge Pointe

A fortified camp in the Arathi Highlands, near the ruins of the ancient city of Strom. Refuge Pointe serves as a base for the Legion’s operations in the Central Highlands, as well as a refuge for travelers and settlers. Refuge Pointe is also the site of the League of Arathor, which continues its skirmishes with the Defilers of Arathor in the Arathi Basin.

Faldir’s Cove

A hidden cove on the southern coast of Arathi, accessible only by sea or through a secret tunnel. Faldir’s Cove is the home of the Stromgarde Navy, the aquatic branch of the Legion. The Navy patrols the waters around Stromgarde, protecting the kingdom from naval invasions and piracy. The Navy also supports the Legion’s land operations by providing transport, reconnaissance, and bombardment.

Thandol Span & Valor's Crossing

A massive bridge that spans the Thandol Valley, connecting the Arathi Highlands with the Wetlands. Thandol Span is a vital link for trade and travel between Stromgarde and the rest of the Eastern Kingdoms. The Legion guards the bridge from both ends, ensuring its safety and security. The bridge also serves as a defensive line against any attacks from the south. A military installment known as Valor’s Crossing acts as a garrisoned Stromic fortress of the Thandol Span.

Thoradin’s Wall

A colossal wall that runs along the western border of Arathi, separating the kingdom from the Hillsbrad Foothills. Thoradin’s Wall was built by King Thoradin, the founder of Strom, to protect his realm from the savage trolls. The wall is still standing today, and the Legion maintains several watchtowers and forts along its length. The wall is a formidable barrier against any invaders from the west.

Skywatch Aviary

Hewn from solid rock and carved out of the mountains surrounding Faldir’s Cove, the Skywatch Aviary is a homage to the legendary gryphons housed within. Skywatch serves as the aerial command center of Stromgarde with a roost for the majestic beasts. Gryphons are often seen swooping down from the roost plucking fish out of the coastal waters of the Arathi Highlands.

Fort Heronhold

Fort Heronhold sits on the westernmost islands of Duhcy of Thallan at the entrance of Baradin’s Bay. The strategic location was chosen by the state and Grand Chancellor of Stromgarde as the Kingdom’s westernmost fortification and military port. Fort Heronhold hosts the Legion, the kingdom’s western naval strength, and protects both Thallan and the Stromic capital from pirates and enemies.The Duchy of Thallan administers the island and town surrounding the fort, while the state oversees the naval base itself.

Military Ranks of the Legions

The Stromic Legions follow a strict chain of command with homage to the ancient Arathorian Empire with rank and designation of troops.


The highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Grand Marshal. The Imperator is the highest commanding officer of all the legions and the navy of Stromgarde, appointed by the King or by his own merit. The Imperator has the authority to declare war and peace, and to lead the legions in the field.The Imperator wears a crimson and gold embroidered cloak and a crimson crown as symbols of their authority as the commander-in-chief of the King’s armies.

High Marshal

The second highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, responsible for maintaining the legions and overseeing their training, recruitment, and logistics. The High Marshal of the Interior also advises the Imperator and the King on military matters and acts as their deputy in their absence. The High Marshal wears a white cloak and a silver embroidered cloak and a silver crown as symbols of second-in-command of the King’s armies.


The third highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Commander. The Legate is the leader of a single legion, usually consisting of 5,000 to 6,000 soldiers. The Legate is appointed by the Imperator or the High Marshal, and has the authority to command his legion in the field and administer the territory under his control. The Legate wears a red cloak and a golden eagle badge as symbols of their rank.


The fourth highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Captain. The Tribune is the leader of a cohort, usually consisting of 500 to 600 soldiers. The Tribune is appointed by the Legate, and has the authority to command their cohort in the field and assist the Legate in their duties. The Tribune wears a red cloak and a platinum winged medallion as symbols of their rank.


The fifth highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Lieutenant. The Centurion is the leader of a century, usually consisting of 80 to 100 soldiers. The Centurion is appointed by the Tribune, and has the authority to command his century in the field and enforce discipline among their men. The Centurion wears a red cloak and a golden winged medallion as symbols of their rank.


The sixth highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Sergeant Major. The Decanus is the leader of a platoon, usually consisting of 8 to 10 soldiers. The Decanus is appointed by the Centurion, and has the authority to command their platoon in the field and assist the Centurion in their duties. The Decanus wears a red cloak and a platinum fist medallion as symbols of their rank.


The seventh highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Sergeant. The Evocati are veteran soldiers who have served faithfully in the armies of Stromgarde. The Evocati are respected by their peers and superiors for their skill and dedication, and often serve as mentors and instructors for the younger soldiers. The Evocati wear a red cloak and a gold fist badge as symbols of their rank and merit.


The eighth highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Private. The Legionnaire is the basic soldier of the legion, who has completed their training and sworn their oath of allegiance to the Imperator and the kingdom. The Legionnaire is expected to follow orders, fight bravely, and uphold the honor of the legion. The Legionnaire wears a red cloak and a silver eagle badge as symbols of their rank.


The ninth highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Recruit. The Highlander is a new recruit who has joined the legion and is undergoing their training. The Highlander is expected to learn the skills, tactics, and traditions of the legion, and to prove they are worthy of becoming a Legionnaire. The Highlander wears a red cloak and a copper fist badge as symbols of their rank.


The tenth highest rank in the Legions of Stromgarde, equivalent to a Non-Division Member. The Auxiliary is a non-citizen or a non-legionnaire who serves alongside the legion as a support or a specialist. The Auxiliary may be a mercenary, a scout, a healer, an engineer, or a musician, among others. The Auxiliary is expected to perform his role, obey the legion’s rules, and respect the legion’s authority. The Auxiliary wears a bronze sword badge and a tabard as symbols of their rank.

Special Units of Stromgarde

The special military units of Stromgarde pay homage to the cultural identity of the the Arathi Highlands from the League of Arathor to ducal forces.

Riders of Decidus

The Riders of Decidus are an elite cavalry unit of the Stromgarde Legion. They are outfitted in heavy cavalry in chainmail armor on their person and horse, or light cavalry in leather armor, depending on their role and mission. They are equipped to operate independently and survive multiple days away from the supply of the army. They can perform various tasks, such as reconnaissance, sabotage, ambush, or raiding. The Riders of Decidus are a secretive unit of the Stromgarde Legion deployed by the High Marshal for missions that require the prestigious skillset of the riders.

Shields of Dathanor

The Shields of Dathanor are named after Captain Dathanor Cromwell, one of the officers of the Stromgarde. The Shields of Dathanor are elite infantry soldiers who specialize in defensive and siege warfare. They are equipped with heavy armor, shields, and broadswords, and are trained to form a solid wall of steel against any enemy. The Shields of Dathanor are loyal, courageous, and disciplined, following the example of their namesake. They are also ruthless and merciless, showing no quarter or pity to their foes. The Shields of Dathanor are often deployed to hold the line, protect the flanks, or break through enemy fortifications. They are respected and feared by both their allies and enemies as some of the best fighters in the kingdom.

Thandol Bombardiers

The Thandol Bombardiers are the last descendants of a small dwarven clan that lived near the hills of Thandol Span and were nearly wiped out during the Second War. The Thandol Bombardiers are equipped with heavy dwarven armor, shields, and broadaxes, as well as their signature mortars, which fire explosive shells that can cause devastating damage. Thandol Bombardiers are loyal, rowdy, and disciplined, following the example of their leader, Bombardier Captain Smooks.

Valorcall’s Retribution

Valorcall’s Retribution is a special unit of the Stromgarde Legion, named after Lieutenant Valorcall, the cavalry leader of Stromgarde who was killed by the Horde during the Fourth War. Valorcall’s Retribution consists of veterans of Stromgarde who survived the war and swore to avenge their fallen comrades and reclaim their homeland. Valorcall’s Retribution is equipped with some of the finest 7th Legion equipment left after the Fourth War ended.

Golden Shields

The Golden Shields is the name of the Thallan armed forces, specializing in medical operations and assistance to the front lines. All Golden Shields soldiers are put through an extensive program in both combat and medical training. The first year of service with Thallan’s armed forces is done within the Ectorius School of Medicine where soldiers are instructed in medical and patient care. Depending on their talents, they are then assigned into one of three specializations: Combat Medics, Evac Specialists or Treatment Medics.After this, the soldiers are transferred into combat and military training at Unity Keep. Instructed by both Whitestone and Thallan military leadership, the Golden Shields go through basic training with the Grand Standing Army where they are taught how to fight and defend oneself with both sword and shield. After basic, further training is conducted based on their specialization.Combat medics learn how to support the front lines of the GSA and take care of basic injuries.Evac Specialists are trained in retrieving severely injured soldiers from the front lines.Treatment medics have less combat trainings, but are instructed on how to set up combat support hospitals and aid stations.Golden Shield members wear a Golden Shield patch when called upon the Legion. Otherwise, for ducal security, they typically wear their Thallan armor, a mix of yellow and red plate. Lord Commander Sanctos Qinelis leads the Golden Shields for ducal matters.

Roleplaying Guidelines

In an effort to create a positive roleplaying experience for all of our members, we have set forth below a set of guidelines that must be followed. Any potential recruit to the Kingdom of Stromgarde community must read and confirm that they understand the guidelines prior to joining. If you have a question or need clarification on anything below, we ask that you reach out to a member of the Officer core or High Command.

Roleplaying Rules

IC =/= OOC
Interactions occurring between members In Character (IC) should, in normal circumstances, never impact relationships Out of Character (OOC). This means that if your character is angry with another character, typically, you are not angry with the player. This also applies to romance, fighting, bartering, or anything else. Your character is a character.
As an 18+ guild, we treat each other like adults and, if possible, discuss any confrontation as needed. Suppose you find yourself in a situation where a player takes OOC actions against you OOC, and you cannot resolve the matter on your own or are uncomfortable. In that case, we encourage you to notify an Officer or High Command member immediately.Metagaming
The lore in Azeroth is profound, and you may be a player that has read books and maybe even played since vanilla! However, it is essential to remember that because you, as the player or reader, has been able to witness nearly all events that have occurred in game - this doesn't mean that your character has. Please remember to set boundaries for your knowledge and what your character has.
Godmodding refers to roleplaying your character that does not give another player options to react. An example would be "My character hits you across the face." Instead, write, "My character attempts to hit you across the face." Some interactions may be predetermined, such as an outcome in battle; however, you should give the opportunity and flexibility to have other players react accordingly.
NSFW/ERP/Controversial Roleplay
All NSFW and ERP must occur in private.
The Kingdom of Stromgarde does not tolerate roleplaying around sexual assault, sexual or non-sexual character slavery, or bigotry for the appearance of a player character. Any policy violation will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the guild and community.Power Level
Listen, we get it. Everyone wants to feel powerful. It's often why we roleplay exceptional characters with fantastical abilities. It is equally important to remember that just because Jaina can frost bomb a battlefield or Anduin can rez an entire army with the Light doesn't mean your roleplayed character can. Those important figures and your playable character (outside of RP) are compelling - but we ask all players to ensure their roleplayed character power level makes sense.
A fifteen-year-old who is just becoming a squire cannot beat a warrior who's trained for their entire adult life. A mage can only portal up to a few worldwide without feeling exhausted. Your character should have strengths and weaknesses, and nobody finds it fun to roleplay with a character that is good at everything and overpowered.If you have questions about power level and want to ensure that your character fits within the established lore and story of the Kingdom of Stromgarde, you are encouraged to reach out to an officer or the High Command.

Nobility & Authority

Noble characters have much influence within Stromgarde, and those with land, or land claims, generally have more than a commoner. New players and characters must meet with the High Command OOC to ensure lore compliance with the established community and in-game lore adherence. This is to prevent overlap on established land claims.
Please remember, even if you play a noble character, that does not mean you have a higher rank OOC within the community.Note: Titles of Duke/Duchess are restricted and cannot be used IC. Please talk to an officer for more information.A Nobiltiy Registration process is coming soon! To discuss nobility further, reach out to Mathilan.Military Ranks
Military ranks and notable titles will be scrutinized and approved by the High Command and officers. Typically, all military roleplayers will join one of the existing orders and must adhere to the established hierarchy of those organizations in character. As with nobility, your military rank does not impact your OOC status within the community.
Suppose your character is already established as a Knight or military member of another city or government. Your character must inform why they wish to be in the Stromic Military and prove fealty to Stromgarde. This does not mean you will be granted the same rank or equivalent when joining the Stromic military.IC =/= OOC Again
It is important to remember that many people play many different characters. Please remember to interact with the character and not the player behind the screen. An OOC officer may be playing a mouthy teenager - or a non-officer may be playing a Count. Treat the character as the character, and feel free to act accordingly.